Book Review: The Contradiction of Solitude by A. Meredith Walters

8 Mar 2015


You may notice me, but you will never know me. 
 I prefer it that way. 
 I am the daughter of a monster. 
 Born from blood and lies. 
 Dead before I have truly lived. 
 But Elian tells me that I'm different. 
 He tells me that I'm beautiful. That I'm an enigma wrapped in irresistibly complicated skin.
 Elian says that he loves me. 
 These words terrify me. I can't trust love. Or hope. Or truth. 
 Because I fear the beast inside. 
 It threatens to drown Elian and his sweet, unconditional love. I
t's a beast that will destroy everything. 

 **Reader Warning**
 There is NO warning. I won't tell you if there's a HEA, a cliffhanger, or a love triangle. 
Just read it and find out for yourself but please don't post spoilers. 
 The fun of a story is figuring it all out!


5+ STARS!! ★★★★★


  "The truth is the ugly side no one wants to see." 

 I will start my review by firstly saying this: I REFUSE TO SPOIL ANYONE ABOUT THIS AMAZEBALLS READ. NOPE. ZILCH. NIL. You will get nothing from me about the details of this plot because this book thrives on the ambiguity and holy freakin hell did it send me into a deep dark bottomless hole. Honestly, just take the blurb and go into this read. That's what I did and I came out feeling like my mind has been utterly blown. My brain is crying right now, everyone. CRYING.


 Now that we've got that covered, I'm still trying to piece all my thoughts together, so bear with me. Honestly I'm sitting here at 4am trying to write this out and after 3 cups of coffee, my brain is still befuddled. Let me begin by saying I love this author's works, she's capable of writing emotionally-driven reads that had me crippled and left my crying in my feels. Her words have the power to evoke every single humanly possible emotions in me. 

  But this one? HOLY HELL THIS ONE. Did I miss the memo where A. Meredith Walters writes brilliant psychological thrillers? Because newsflash everyone, A. Meredith Walters just wrote an absolutely mind-gripping psychological thriller read that has not only crippled my mind but it has shaken me to the core that has left me trembling in fear AND awe of what I've just read. 

 See that contradiction there? 

 She has completely outdone herself by stepping out of her comfort zone, out of her usual niche and still nailed it by mixing up the NA genre with a psych-thriller element. Her slight flowery prose was done just right without coming off as OTT and instead, it brought up the creepily eerie feels that had me having goosebumps as I embraced myself for this dark, crazy ride.


 And as the title suggests, this read will be riddled with contradictions and I love how the author has brilliantly weaved all of them with such intricacy that left me astounded. There were times I had to take a moment and appreciate these contradictions, so to speak. And these characters that you will meet? The complexity behind them and as you slowly pick up the breadcrumbs and learn more, that's when your mind starts going into a tailspin. This read will mess with you in ways that you will not see coming. Being able to have it from dual POVs certainly helped a lot but it also started to amplify the craziness behind it.
"We were perfect in our mad sanity."

 If I had to sum up this read, all I can say that it was unique, refreshing, addicting and totally messed up in ways I cannot even imagine. Although I must say this, it's definitely somewhere high up on the dark scale and I can't say that it will appeal to everyone but if you love the dark, messed up ones with a heavy dose of psychological thriller that screams utter brilliance? YES THIS IS FOR YOU. 

If otherwise, I still urge you to give it a shot. This is Ms Walters' work at its best. Also that ending was absolutely perfect and befitting, I bow down to you Ms Walters and with that, The Contradiction of Solitude had just landed on my Best of 2015 reads shelf :) Thank you for having the courage to put out something different and taking that risk, I loved it! ♥ 

 A word of advice: #keepthesecret ;) 

  The Contradiction of Solitude is a standalone NA psychological thriller read.

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