Book Review - The Sect by Courtney Lane

4 Jan 2015



Keaton Mara ran away from a life that had become a nightmare to live on the streets. While the location she now calls home is a dangerous place, she is protected by an unlikely friendship. 

 The streets provided her with the education she could've never earned from the prestigious university she attended. Regrettably, the term 'educated fool' becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Due to meeting a man with whom she shares a captivating chemistry with, her judgment is clouded, resulting in a fateful decision. 

 The consequence of trusting the prepossessing stranger results in her being stolen away to a place unknown. Her deceptive new surroundings are just as beautiful as the people who reside there. She discovers that it's a place where the culture of sex without limits or morals is their religion. 

 Keaton quickly begins to realize that the beautiful scenery serves to hide a very dark truth. 
The seductive and enigmatic man--who lured her there--desires to save her soul. His intentions are sinister, because saving her soul is synonymous with breaking her. 

 Because Keaton believes her soul was brutally stolen from her many years ago, she thinks he can't save (or destroy) something she no longer has. 


4.5 STARS! ★★★★☆


  "Sometimes we need to close our eyes to see the truth." 

 Wow what a book to usher in the new year, I've been finally mindfucked! For a while there, I was losing hope in the dark reads & thought nothing is gonna blow me away anymore. But after putting this down at 5am and trying to process everything, I am STILL so befuddled. What just happened?!


It's so tough to review a book like this because saying too much will spoil the experience of reading this. The Sect is definitely dark, gritty, unmerciful and the list goes on AND there will be zero unicorns and rainbows. The characters you'll meet are complex and even right up till the end, I'm still trying to figure them all out. 

  Noah, the anti-hero is one of the toughest nut I've ever had to crack. For a very good majority of the book, I simply cannot understand what's his beef or his ulterior motives. Good guy? Bad guy? Both? I've no idea seriously. He was honestly a walking contradiction and gave me more whiplashes than I can remember. He was intriguing yet infuriating to read about.
"Love is the pain of pleasure. Pain is the pleasure of love."
While the scene of this book does revolve around a religious-based sex cult, I can assure you that it's rather mild and didn't prove to be a turn off for this read. If anything, it sets a foundation of a very well-thought out plot by the author. It constantly keeps you guessing and possibly squash every theory you have while you're at it.
"You're on borrowed time, Keaton. Play the game the way it should be played."
No doubt this book has seriously impressed the hell outta me but it falls short of a winner due to the whole giant clusterfuck of revelations in the end. The heavy information dump in the last 10% of the book completely overwhelmed me and felt like my head just got hit by a truck! But in all honesty, it was a VERY good twist and when you pieced it all together, everything just started making sense. I loved it and have to hand it to the author for such an intricate piece of work.


 Overall, The Sect was a read that gripped me and held me captive for the whole damn ride. This is just one of those that trying to decipher the plot will prove to be a futile attempt. Just buckle up and embrace the mind-fuckery. And as far as HEA goes, yup there will be one!

  BR with my amazing dark lover junkie, Allison ♥! Thanks so much and it was worth staying up till the wee hours with you to crack the mystery behind this book ;D


  1. Thank you so much for reading The Sect and writing such an incredible review. I'm so glad you liked it :)

  2. Awh! Thanks so much Courtney for checking out my review! Love The Sect so much for that mindf*ck of a read & I wish you all the best in your future endeavours :)