Book Review - Past Tense Future Perfect by Andrea Smith

28 Aug 2014

3.5 - 4 SINCLAIR STARS! ★★★★


"Sometimes the most precious things in life are the result of just letting it happen" 

Wow that was a long ride! 

First things off, Past Tense Future Perfect is an omnibus of Andrea Smith’s previously published Maybe Baby series (3 books), so some of you may already remembered Trey Sinclair & Tylar Preston from back then. 

Trey & Ty’s love story stretches across the entire series and brings you on an emotional journey. There’s everything from angst to steamy to suspense and *wait for it* DRAAHHMAAA. So if you love your romance stories with all of the above, then this is a series you should try out.

I admit that it started out slow for me and I couldn’t really connect to both MCs. At times, I even zoned out from some filler scenes & skimmed through because they were way too detailed and didn't do much to pique my interest. But once the suspense element was thrown in, I was back on track and it became a page-turner for me!


However, there were some twists that felt a little too rushed for me & would have preferred if it would have been done in Book 2 instead. That being said, Book 1 was my least favorite of the series but since it ended off on a cliffie that had a great potential going into Book 2, I decided to take a chance.   

Book 2 was my favorite one in the series having much more maturity shown between Trey and Ty since the events of Book 1. There was also more depth in the plot as we delve more into Trey’s family and Ty’s past. I can appreciate Ty & Trey’s relationship better in this book as they worked towards being a better couple even with all the drama and angst going on. Added in with some humor and sexy fun time, this book definitely covered all the aspects I loved in a romance book ♥ 


Well I liked Book 3, but didn’t love it as much as Book 2. This book went in with a more heavy tone. Also, there was cheating which I tend to naturally dislike. But I will commend Andrea for handling it in a realistic manner & not completely rush it. There were some heart-melting moments that made me aww-ed for sure :) Also I enjoyed seeing more of the side characters’ life (loved Gina & Tristan!) & overall, it was a great conclusion to an emotional journey for everyone.  

The series as an overall was definitely an emotional one with all the suspense, drama and angst thrown in but it was well-balanced without it being OTT for me. If anything, it has definitely highlighted the strength of Trey & Ty’s relationship after facing all those trials and tribulations. Added in with some great humor from side characters like Gina and Tristan and a dose of steamy scenes from T&T, it was an overall enjoyable read for me :)  

~ BR with all my lovely ladies & Andrea herself! Also a HUGE thanks to Andrea Smith for generously providing me a copy ♥~

Book Review - Reasonable Doubt (Volume 3) by Whitney G.

27 Aug 2014



"Do you believe in reasonable doubt, Mr Hamilton?” 

Reasonable Doubt 3 is the final instalment to Andrew & Aubrey’s story in the RD series and I couldn’t wait to jump into this one after waiting out on this final book! Admittedly I was a little worried that this one would be a rushed story as RD2 ended out with a major cliffie and left us with so many unanswered questions.

But thank heavens Whitney G still managed to pace the story well enough without coming off being too anti-climatic. It was such a page-turner that I had a huge internal struggle with myself to put down the book & get some sleep! All those burning questions we had about Andrew’s past have finally been revealed in this one & my God, it was heartbreaking.

There were many things I loved about this instalment; on the top of my list would be the character development of Andrew & Aubrey. From the previous ones, we already know that Andrew is a cocky, stubborn, dirty-talking lawyer who refuses to bend over backwards for anyone, including Aubrey. But once his past slowly unfolds in each chapter, you can’t help but sympathize with him & understand where he was coming from and what made him such a bitter man.

Even after seeing a softer side of Andrew, Whitney G did a great job in maintaining his dirty-talking ways and cockiness that we all loved in Andrew in the first place. It didn’t remove the zing! factor I had with Andrew since the beginning, so I truly appreciated that ;)

I was also glad that Aubrey has grown so much since RD2 in this one! I wasn’t fully convinced by her character in RD2 but finally, she has stepped up in RD3 and took charge of what she deserves in a relationship. She wasn’t going to allow Andrew to dictate their relationship & totally grabbed him by the balls in this one! I loved the burning passion she had with her ballet career & how she stood up to her ignorant parents.  

And the way she gave Andrew a hard time in winning her back, it was oh-so-enjoyable! You go, woman!
"You would have to beg me to take you back, Andrew. Fucking beg me."

Overall, it was a great conclusion to the entire series; definitely a sexy and entertaining read. The email exchanges between these two also brought out the sexy humor of this book which I truly enjoyed.

However, I didn’t give it a complete 5 stars because I would have love to see more on Aubrey & Andrew’s time together. I wouldn’t say that the ending was rushed, but I would have loved to see them more as a couple ;)

With the end of this series, I’ll definitely miss Andrew a lot but I’ll be looking forward to read more from Ms Whitney G .

Book Review - Tamed (Tangled #3) by Emma Chase



“Love is missing the taste of someone's morning breath. Thinking they're beautiful, even when their nose is Rudolph-red and their hair is bird's nest crazy. Love isn't putting up with someone in spite of their faults--it's adoring them because of them.” 

When in need for rom-com, I know I can always rely on Emma Chase to deliver the cure I need. Which is a whole lot of laughter mixed in with sexiness, fluff and fun. If you’ve read the previous instalments in the Tangled series, you would remember Matthew and DeeDee & this is their story. 

After being disappointed with Twisted (Book 2), Tamed has surely brought back the spark it had when I first read Tangled (Book 1) (Sorry Emma, but you’re better off writing a Male’s POV!). Matthew is no Drew, but hey, the guy can still crack up some cocky, smart-ass lines! He’s definitely more tamed than Drew, no pun intended :P Tamed’s timeframe runs parallel with Tangled. So if you decide to skip Twisted, no harm done! The story picks up from the same scene in Tangled where Matthew first meets Delores Warren (known as Dee) and he instantly knew that Dee is someone special for him. 



“I like my martinis just like my sex.” she winks flirtatiously.
“Dirty is always better.”

Yes. I’m definitely in love.

On the other hand, Dee may seem like a wild woman on the outside but on the inside, she has commitment issues.


Will she be able to put out Matthew’s player ways & make him commit to one woman? And will Dee be able to commit herself to Matthew due to her past issues? 

While their story is rather cliché and at times I got a little frustrated with Dee, I still found the entire story to be a nice, sweet read. There are no OTT drama of any sorts & it's one of those sweet pleasant reads. Yes, Matthew & Dee still have their fair share of ups & down but it was enjoyable reading their entertaining banters. 

"Have you driven a motorcycle before?"
"No, but I've always wanted to."
"Well, I've always wanted to fly, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna strap on a squirrel suit and skydive from the goddamn Empire State Building."

Oh and of course, the appearance of side characters like Lexi “The Bitch” and little Mackenzie has always been the highlight of the series :D 

Overall, Emma still delivers the humour that she first brought to Tangled and if you’re looking for an enjoyable, sweet and sexy fun read, this is the one to go to! ♥

Book Review - Take The Heat (An Anthology)

3.5 - 4 DARK STARS! ★★★★

I always love discovering anthologies to read because I don't have to get invested in a long plot and get to experience a variety of different premises in each short story. Oh and so many new authors to check out! :D

Take the Heat definitely brought out some interesting reads; all having a dark element in it. What's great about this anthology is that it ranges across multiple genres & allows me to figure out what type of genre works for me. It could be from BDSM to thriller/mystery and holy shizzles, there was also M/M (which I don't do) but it was a new kind of experience for me haha!

I definitely enjoyed a good half of the stories here as some brought unexpected twists and captivated me throughout. At times, I wished there was much more to it! There were also times that I had to go WTF and I went all O__O on it, LOL!

Here's my ratings for all the stories:
The Magnolia Hotel by Skye Warren - 3.5 ★
Unlawful Seduction by Pam Goodwin - 4 ★
Slipknot by Sheri Savill - 3.5 ★
Captivated by Cynthia Rayne - 4 ★
This Might Hurt a Bit by Shoshanna Evers - 3.5 ★
The Bombshell by Candy Quinn - 3.5 ★
Playing with Fire by Tamsin Flowers - 4.5 ★ (Definitely my most fav one & I wished I had more!) Disposing of Donnie by Elizabeth Coldwell - 3 ★
Surprise Witness by Audrey Lusk - 3.5 ★
Last Day by Trent Evans - 4 ★
Acquitted by Giselle Renarde - 3.5 ★

Overall, a great anthology to check out if you're looking for a mixture of some dark reads! 

~ ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review ~

Book Review - One Tiny Lie by KA Tucker

25 Aug 2014


  "How do you figure out the right way to live your life?” 

First off, let me say that I absolutely loved Ten Tiny Breaths and when I learnt that Livie was getting her own book, I was super excited. KA Tucker delivered some amazing, powerful writing in TTB and I thought this is sure right up my alley again.

But oh boy, I sure as hell didn’t expect that this book would rekindle all that vicious feelings I had with SC Stephens’ Thoughtless. I wanted to douse my Kindle with gasoline & set it on fire but on the other extreme, I wanted to say “Screw this shit, let me love you!”. OH DEAR GOD HELP ME.

That being said, I’m gonna put it out there now that this book contains cheating and love triangle/square which technically sums up to two things that drive me absolutely fucking nuts when I read any book.


One Tiny Lie is the story of Livie Cleary, the little sister of Kacey from TTB. In TTB, Livie has always been the calm and collective, non-impulsive sister. Now that she’s about to enter Princeton, will she be prepared to face a whole new world and leave the comforts of her newfound home in Miami?

Then comes one crazy night of Jell-O shots at a college party. With the help of Kacey (and also by their ever-loving psychiatrist, Dr Stayner’s orders LOL), our perfect, straight-As girl had her Jell-O shot AND her first kiss snatched by the Jell-O thief aka Ashton Henley. With even more shots later, let’s say the night was a complete cray-cray.

Next day, it was just mostly awkward encounters between Livie & Ashton and the usual brush-off event AND THEN BAM! In comes Mr “Connor from Dublin” who sweeps Livie off her feet and oh, did I mention, he is Ashton’s best friend AND housemate?


In summary, we have:

Livie: Superbly attracted to Ashton but can’t be with him. Dates Connor because he’s the “perfect example” of a guy she needs in her life.

Ashton: Superbly attracted to Livie but can’t be with her. Already has a girlfriend (Dana) and is Connor’s best friend & housemate.
Connor: Loves Livie and believes is the perfect girl for him; beautiful and smart. Truly cares about Ashton despite the manwhore that he is.

AND LET THE GAMES BEGIN. And so it begins, that awful vicious cycle of events.


What I loved: The main theme of this book. As usual, KA Tucker delivers that superbly well just like in TTB. It’s emotional, powerful and raw & it will bring you to the brink of tears when you feel for these characters. This book is all about making choices even when you don’t know what is the right or wrong one. It’s about self-discovery, living a life that makes you happy as opposed to living one for the sake of happiness of others.

"Life has a funny way of creating its own tests. It throws curve balls that make you do and think and feel things that are in direct conflict with what you had planned and don't allow you to operate in terms of black and white."

And in a true KA Tucker fashion story, we have a broken soul that is Ashton. You will feel a multitude of emotions for this guy; you will hate him, you will love him, you will want to rip his balls off, you will want to hug & cry with him. But most of all, you will still want to root for him and Livie despite everything ♥

"I don't have all the pieces to fix this beautiful, trapped, broken man, but I do have one piece and it's mine to give. For one night, for all nights. For however long he wants it. Me. Completely.”

Lastly, the winner of this entire book would be Dr Stayner. He’s the most awesome shrink on the planet, nuff’ said. I would have no doubt that he possesses Jedi mind tricks which makes him wickedly awesome.

What ticked me off:

It would be fairly obvious to say that the repetitive cheating totally set me off. What makes it way worse would be repetitively from BOTH Livie and Ashton. I have some SERIOUS problem trying to grasp why Livie kept on stringing Connor in when she obviously knows where her heart lies. I’m a firm believer of brutal honesty when it comes to a relationship & the fact that she even thinks that breaking it off later would lessen the blow, NOT TRUE.

And then you know that 85% scene, HOLY RAGE OF EMOTIONS. Can’t believe they were happily canoodling on the bed when Connor was right downstairs (holy shit, brings back so much anger I had with Kiera in Thoughtless). And then the complete WTF moment when Dana comes in and DROPS THAT


 So after calming myself down, I thought hard and through on how to rate this one...and I decided that it wouldn’t be completely fair to slash the rating so badly due to how the entire thing played out. This is after all an angst-driven book & they’re 18 and mostly naive and shit happens all the time.

And so, 4 stars it is. Mainly because KA Tucker has successfully delivered such a powerful message across with her brilliant writing that will make you laugh, smile and cry all in one go. Well-written characters all around and enough depth to let you understand what drives their emotions & actions.

If you can handle the rollercoaster of emotions and is able to ignore the spoiler-ish content above, I highly recommend it because this book is a winner, in terms of writing and the emotional punch and driving you insanely nuts.

”Life’s all about trial and error.”

Book Review - Hothouse Flower (Addicted #2.2) by Krista & Becca Ritchie

23 Aug 2014



"Danger. That is alluring. And it's what partially drew us together in the first place." 

Move over Loren Hale & Connor Cobalt, Ryke Meadows has officially taken over the top spot in the battle of the most swoon-worthy guy in the Addicted series. 

He's sexy, cocky, protective, crazy and cusses way too much BUT I LOVE IT. I LOVE ALL OF RYKE MEADOWS. What do I need to do to get me a Ryke Meadows?!

It feels like Christmas everytime I pick up this series. It gets me excited and squealing like a little girl when I unwrap these gifts given by the Ritchie sisters. I don't even care if it's a long novella because it's never enough. Simply perfection. 


The story picks up after the ending of Kiss the Sky. A quick recap: we have one engaged couple, one married couple and a whole lot of sexual tension between our 2 favorite daredevils.  

Daisy, the Calloway teenage model who acts beyond her years has finally hit 18 years of age. But she has always been that irresistible, beautiful grown woman in Ryke's eyes and now when the opportunity present itself, can they both keep up this charade? 

"You're a hothouse flower. You can't grow under natural conditions. You need adventure. And security and love in order to stay alive."

Hothouse Flower is the journey of Daisy & Ryke; what started out as friendship has inevitably grown into forbidden love. It was indeed a thrilling, exciting journey with some ups and downs & I love how they both went head-on to deal every single moment of it. 

"I've hit the lottery-to have him in my life. To me, he's worth every loud moment, every peaceful silence, the crazy and the sad, the restless and the quiet. I would trade it all to be with him."

So many captivating, beautiful moments as they embarked on a road trip together & sweet jeezus those steamy sex scenes ;D I expected nothing less from our adventurous daredevil duo & they 
delivered! ♥♥


And have I mentioned how much I love everyone in this series?! The ever-growing bromance between Ryke, Lo & Connor and the sisterly love between the Calloway sisters never cease to amaze me! Also, I'm really glad to see that some of the tension between Lo and Ryke has finally been addressed. 

Similarly to my review in Kiss the Sky, the only minor issue I had with this was the OTT drama towards the end and that last minute plot bomb dropped, whoa! But I enjoyed devouring Ryke & Daisy's journey so much that I still want to give this a 5-stars no less! ♥♥

"I love you Dais, because you're the wildest fucking girl with the biggest fucking heart. And without you in my life I'd be the unhappiest fucking guy."


Overall, Hothouse Flower is yet another brilliantly written, compelling love story in the Addicted series that will have you swooning and rooting for this couple. Needless to say, the Ritchie sisters sure know how to get us readers addicted to this series.

Book Review - Cloak and Dagger by Nenia Campbell



“There are two things about me you should know. Don't fight me, unless you're prepared to kill me. And don't kiss me, unless you're prepared to fuck me.” 

Nothing makes me happier than discovering a nice little gem read within my TBR pile & Cloak and Dagger truly took me by surprise when I was looking to enjoy a suspenseful read! 

Michael Boutilier, an assassin from a secret organisation known as IMA, was sent on a mission to handle an infiltration attempt that hit IMA’s computer mainframe. After tracing down the hacker, the only attainable lead that he could go on was to go through the hacker’s 18-year old daughter, Christina Parker. In a typical assassin style, all he needed to do was get the job done; kidnap the girl, get the information & finish her off. 

 Only problem is what happens when the line between a captor and a captive becomes blurred?



What I truly loved about this book is that it stands out from the typical kidnap-romance stories whereby usually the Stockholm syndrome kicks into play & the victim starts developing feelings for the captor & does some 180 change shenanigans (sorry, too cliché). But nope, not in this book! Told from a dual POV, I’m superbly pleased with both MC’s characters; no insta-lust, their reactions/feelings were realistic & stayed true to the premise of the story. 

 It was refreshing to read Christina’s character as she strayed away from the typical clichéd heroine of a kidnap-romance story. For an 18-year old girl, I was quite amazed by her resilience during the entire kidnapping ordeal. I can obviously sense the overwhelming distress and distraught she’s going through, but she’s a feisty fighter & doesn’t take shit from Michael eventhough he’s more likely to react worse to that. Also she can be quite quirky during distress times which makes up for some light-hearted humor.
"Please God, let me get out of this and I swear, I'll start going to church again. I'll lose the twenty pounds my mother keeps insisting on. Just don't let him hurt me. Please, please don't let him hurt me."

And well, for Michael’s character I had some love/hate going on with him. He’s that kind of anti-hero you wanna hate but you can’t help but love him later. I wanted to kick his balls for a good portion of the book but he slowly grew on me. Started off as a cold & rather violent bastard, he closed himself off from emotions but once the lines of morality started blurring, you start to see a different side of him. 

"You shouldn't trust me. But trust me on this: I am coming back."

The best part is that I LOVE the villain in this book/series! Nothing makes a story more utterly compelling than having a truly devious, manipulative psychopath to keep you on the edge. Adrian Callaghan is simply brilliant in his evil ways. I mean seriously, he offers his captive a cup of tea and tells them very nicely & politely on his murderous ways. Gotta love a well-mannered baddie ;D



Only a minor issue (hence the lack of 0.5 stars) which I encountered with this book is that I couldn’t really grasp on what triggered Michael’s feelings for Christina during the entire ordeal. Was it her resilience or something she said/did that made him feel more...human? However, the chemistry and sexual tension between these two is undeniable as lust and confusion is thrown into the mix as the story progresses. 

Overall, Cloak & Dagger is a well-paced gritty, intense read with a good dose of thrilling action! Please do note that it is a slow buildup romance story. Also, loved all the characters in the book (except Christina’s mum who I wanted to bitchslap!), had great witty banters and it ended on a bearable cliffie that has left me with heart-ache. 

It’s my first book by Nenia Campbell & I truly enjoyed her writing style in this one, especially with a slight undertone of the Greek reference, Pandora’s Box ;) Looking forward to jump into the next book!

Book Review - Twisted (Blood & Roses #5) by Callie Hart

22 Aug 2014



"You've woken me up. You've made me stronger. You've made me feel something I thought I'd never feel."  
Holy amazeballs! If I was right on one thing about this series, it would be that it just keeps getting better and better. And everything else that I thought I knew about in this story? Gone out of the damn window! I am constantly being surprised as I flip through the pages that have got me yelling all kinds of profanities as I read. Callie Hart is surely doing a damn fine job in throwing twists in this one and seriously, shit just got so damn real! 


From the first chapter itself, it went from making me feel heart-ache to being highly aroused. I KID YOU NOT. And HOLY JEEZUS, that was some motha panty-soaking wet scene. It’s not even the 
super kinky Zeth-type of sex but damn, that was damn erotic to read! 


I’m not gonna divulge into the plot of this book in my review because that would give away the best parts of the book. So I’m just gonna say that this book is nothing short of shocking revelations, answers to some of the questions are coming to light, MORE new questions are building up and just everything I thought I knew... 


And the best part of this series is that I have absolutely NO FRIGGIN CLUE how this will all end, which I completely LOVE because it drives me really crazy trying to figure out! We’re one book away from the completion of series and there’s still so much shit piling up for both of our MCs. 

Another thing I loved is the continuous character development of Sloane & Zeth. Admittedly, the first 3 books have been slacking in that area but Book 4 onwards, I just fell in love more and more with both of them. I felt more connected to Zeth as we see a different side of him that we thought he was almost incapable of. And I truly admire Sloane as she has grown so much since Deviant. There is no going back from everything she's been through & she's no longer afraid of what she wants anymore. 

Emotions are running higher in this one, Sloane & Zeth have reached the ultimate point of their dynamic relationship. It's going to be explosive and they’re about to be unstoppable.


Overall, Twisted is yet another brilliantly-paced book with an adequate amount of thrill, angst and steam that never gives you a dull moment as you read! Callie knows how to keep you on the edge with each book & I’m not sure if I’m ready to say goodbye to Sloane & Zeth when the next (and final) book comes around!  

Book Review - Lover Unknown by Ellie Kincade

21 Aug 2014


~ ARC provided by author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review ~ 
Well this is probably the quickest read I ever had to do. With only 34 pages, I got bored out of my mind before I hit halfway. The only reason I didn't DNF this is because it's too short for me to even bother =\ 


The story starts out with Hadley Scott who received an exclusive invitation to Club Q which is apparently elusive and once she's in, she learns about the club's concept. The female counterpart will be led into a dark room where the male counterpart awaits them. So technically, they have sex. In the dark. Unknown to each other.

Sorry to say that while the idea/concept could have seem intriguing, I didn't enjoy anything while reading this. No build up, nothing compelling and sex was Which pretty much sums up to my boredom & eye-rolling while I read this.


Still, I gave it a 2-stars because it may lead to something better in the next book. And the writing was alright, just that it didn't intrigued me. But overall, I'm not keen on picking the next one up.

Book Review - Debt Inheritance (Indebted #1) by Pepper Winters

19 Aug 2014

4.5 BRUTAL STARS! ★★★★☆ 


"My structured world — my rules and agendas — were not something that had room for twists and turns. Unless I was the one creating them." 
I must admit that dark romance is my guilty pleasure read and throw in some mind-fuckery, it is the perfect concoction for me. The thing about dark romance reads for me is that I go in with a completely different mindset and my expectations are built upon the extremities of how dark a story can get without completely butchering the story & make it completely revolting to read. 

When I think of Pepper Winters’ books, the words “sexy, dark & gritty” always comes to mind. After her Monsters in the Dark series, I expected nothing less from Ms Winters, but instead she pushed some serious boundaries in this first installment of her brand new Indebted series. 


This is a story of two wealthy families and an old debt that dates back to centuries. And in that debt, the first-born Weaver daughter will be forfeited to the first-born son of the Hawks to pay for the sins of the Weaver’s ancestors past.  

Nila Weaver, the first-born Weaver daughter has been well-protected by her father and twin brother as far as she can remember. Her life looks all well planned out; she’s rich & on the verge of being a young successful designer. But when that day Jethro Hawks comes into her life, everything she has is about to be taken away. 

I had no problem liking Nila’s character. She may have come off as naïve and gullible, but truth is she has quite the balls & had no problem standing up to Jethro. I loved the development of her character as she struggles to deal with not only her possible feelings for Jethro, but also the awakening desires that stir within her.
“My heart hates you but my body…I’m drenched. I’m begging. So stop your endless questions. Stop taunting me and deliver.”


Pepper has completely outdone herself with her anti-hero this time around. Jethro Hawk is manipulative, calculative and often described akin to a predator in this story. If you’re looking for any sort of compassion from this guy, clearly you won’t be finding any of it here yet. The alternating POVs would allow you to see how Jethro is nothing short of cold and brutal. Every word he utters is so precise & straight to the point, there is no sugar-coating about his intentions for Nila on what’s to come for her.
“Be afraid of me, Ms. Weaver. Be afraid because your life is now mine and I’m the master of everything that happens to you. But know this…it’s not just me you’ll have to fear.”


Jethro certainly brings out that kind of intensity that burns through the pages & have you gripping the edges of your Kindle. His actions & words will strike terror in your soul but equally leaves you turned on and wanting for more. And also sue me, but I’m weak for men with sexy British accent ;) 

“Tell me a secret. A dirty dark secret. Admit you want me. Admit you want your mortal enemy.”

One of the reasons I adored Pepper’s writings is that she has a way of writing dark stories with such elegance and finesse that draws you into the darkness and leaves you captivated. Like a moth to a flame, her heroine characters are always strong and resilient but yet can’t help be drawn to the sinfully dark heroes. She has a way of telling a terrifying, provocative story that makes you feel the raw emotions of the characters & have your heart pounding! 

Overall, Pepper has once again left me begging for more as I craved for the next book. It ended on a cliffy but it was a well-played one ;) The book toyed with my emotions from rage to fear to erotic and I was completely hooked to the thrill of what’s to come in every chapter. I went through some epic mind-fuck in the last 30% and I admit that even that luncheon scene was a little disturbing for me (hence the lack of 0.5 stars in my rating).


But with Pepper, I know she’s capable of messing with our minds & even the mystery of Kite will be left etched in my mind as I await the next book ;) 

Book Review - More Than This (More #1) by Jay McLean

17 Aug 2014



"I want to shut out the world around us and have it just be me and her, the way we are behind closed doors. Where no one else can dictate who we are and what we feel." 

Amazingly how I randomly picked this one up from my TBR list and I'm truly surprised by the all kinds of awesomeness that this book is! It had the sweetness, the emotional angst, the humor and most of all that sexual tension between Kayla and Jake!!

More Than This is a story of how one night changed the life of Mikayla where she had everything she loved & dreamed of. A happy family, her perfect boyfriend of 4 years and her hot bestfriend. Out for prom night and coupled with a twist of events, she met Jake and later her entire life did a total 180. 

A story of how a tragedy alongside heartbreak which led to some beautiful heart-warming moments, my heart melted and there were moments that gave me the sniffles ♥ I definitely love how this story was told from a dual POV and gave a better insight of the feelings both Jake & Kayla battle with each other. A chance encounter between these two turned into something so much more and there was just so much sexual buildup between these two that when it finally happened, it was pretty damn magical (if you read the book, you'll know why I use the term magical, LOL ;D) 


And also let's talk about Jake Andrews, that guy is quite the perfection and he's the accent boy *swoons!* In Kayla's words: 

"Jake Andrews is definitely swoon worthy. I should write a book about him."
"HOLE.EE.SHIT. I feel sorry for all the girls in the world that never get to experience a Jake Andrews at least once in their lifetime."


And in between all that, there was that crazy bunch of Jake & Kayla's friends that I SUPERBLY LOVE! Well namely Logan & Lucy ;D I wanna be best friends with Lucy! 

“I swear to god, Micky. I’ll cut a bitch for you, just let me go, Cam. Let me go!”


Overall I really enjoyed devouring this book! ♥♥ It was a nice package of everything that made me swoon, shed some tears and left me laughing! 

But then there's that WTF revelation at the end right there. THAT last sentence..SAY WHUT?! 



Book Review - Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror, #3) by Karina Halle

16 Aug 2014



“This is the Island of Death. This is purgatory. This place has a dark soul of its own. And it will drown you in its depths.” 

 If I have to summarise my review for this book into one sentence, it would be this: 

 It just keeps getting better and better.  

Firstly I was like this: 

And then mostly I was like this:


Also those Perry & Dex moments we had in this book:


“I don’t know what’s real. How can I tell what’s real anymore? What’s real, Dex? Tell me what’s real.” He put his hand on my face and looked at me with the most magnetic, impassioned spark in his dark eyes. “I’m real. This is real.”

Wandering lepers and killer raccoons be damned! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE RIGHT NOW. LET ME LOVE YOU KARINA HALLE ♥♥♥