ARC Review: Hindrance (Excess #3) by Angelica Chase

15 May 2015

Book Title: Hindrance
Author: Angelica Chase
Series: The Excess Series #3
Release Date: May 15h, 2015
Genres: Romance: Contemporary/Erotica
Storms are a funny thing. Most people ignore the warning signs: a strong gust of wind, a lightning strike on the horizon, the distant rumble of thunder.

My head and heart had been at odds for the last two years because of Devin McIntyre, and my relationship with Aiden had only complicated matters. Still, I craved both men. Just when I thought the decision was taken from me, a choice between the two became inevitable. The two men I had attached myself to emotionally and physically had already told me everything I needed to know.

Although the dark clouds were gathering overhead, I ignored the lightning, played deaf to the thunder, and let the tempest push me toward them both. I ended up in a whirlwind of secrets, a vortex of deception and depravity I never imagined possible. I was drowning again, but this time … this time I would be ready.

Or so I thought.

Nothing could have prepared me for the coming storm.


 photo 771DD62B-4D3B-48DE-AF0E-C7DC83B940CE_zps5ywgckee.gif 

 Holy crap on a cracker. This book review is damn near impossible to review without spoiling the ride- and I REFUSE to spoil it. 
  BUT this review will have minor plot spoilers for Opulence (book 1).

Hindrance is the third and final installment in the Excess series. Nina has found herself painfully torn between two cousins- Devin, the man she loves but who's also married even if unhappily- and Aiden, the single, sexy bar owner and singer that calls to her every need to be dominated. Both men she craves in her core...only one has her true heart, however.


 Gah, these men are machines! I seriously don't know which man I'd pick to rock my world as best in the sack. Both men were virile, dominating...f@ckhot. But I digress.....

   photo 06918BF5-BB36-483F-BD99-6007CDB944BA_zpse2shbt5o.gif 

 Book two, Reverence, ended it that mother of a cliffhanger but there's SO much story left here to be told. Just when the reader thinks she's picked which team she's rooting for, which sexy hunk of man her vajayjay loyalties lie, Ms Chase ups the ante and all bets are off! If you vacillated on whose team you're on, wait till you read this little gem!


  Hindrance is filled with everything- mystery, suspense, and steam. There's a huge plot twist a little over halfway in and, rest assured, the book will be devoured until all the scenarios are played out. I REALLY enjoyed this instalment. In fact, the first book was a bit iffy for me and each book after that, I became more invested in each of the characters- in their eventual outcome. Would Nina find happiness in a man she truly loves but belongs to another women, even if that marriage is a farce? Is lying okay if it's all meant to protect her? 

But there's a lot of truth yet to be told. A lot of details hidden...

   photo D83E0EB2-575D-4483-B23C-8B45930F3D14_zps93yvxpra.gif 

 You'll just have to read it and find out! Will Nina find her one true love? Or will both princes be giant toads? 

 In a series I feared was going to be 90% erotic smut and 10% story, the tables have turned and we've ended with a fantastic, fairly-complex story filled with all kinds of twists and turns I did not see coming. I love to be thrown off and Angelica Chase pulled it off here in spades. 

  "You are my hindrance." 

 Bravo! I really enjoyed this one! 

Looking forward to Taylor's story in the upcoming Predator and Prey Series.

  Advanced copy received by author in exchange for my HONEST review. 

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