Book Review - My Beloved (Thin Love #1.5) by Eden Butler

17 Dec 2014


My Beloved: A Thin Love Novella


Keira Riley was the girl Kona Hale loved first, the woman he wants to love last. They’ve battled addiction, forgiven betrayal and healed from heartache, coming through it all bruised but hopeful that their future will be limitless. 

 Kona Hale was a blinding flame that Keira Riley gladly burned inside—his touch, his kiss, his overwhelming love, all made her dizzy, desperate and desired, made her believe in a love worth bleeding for, a love that ignites the heart with an unquenchable flame. But when you fall in love with an NFL darling who can’t seem to let go of the spotlight, sometimes even that flame can be gutted by the buffeting winds of opportunity, can be lost behind the brilliant flash of fame. 

 As Keira and Kona get caught up in plans for an extravagant march down the aisle, the hard won sanctuary they've found in each other's arms begins to erode. Will they be able to see through all the beckoning glitz and glamour to what they have worked so hard to build together, or will their love be lost in the spotlight? 

 MY BELOVED is a novella set prior to the THIN LOVE epilogue.


  "Kona was not perfect, but he was her perfect." 

 If you've read Thin Love and was swept away by the hurricane of love that is Kona & Keira, this novella is like an early Christmas gift by the author that revisits our favourite couple and delivers your needed fix of these two. 

  My Beloved gives you the glimpses of the events leading up to Kiera & Kona's wedding and if you know this couple well enough, nothing comes easy for these two. There will be obstacles, there will be hurdles but can their love withstand it all over again? 

While this served as a novella, Eden Butler still managed to deliver yet another intense read fuelled with a burning passion from both our flawed characters. Even with that HEA light at the end, my heart still beat anxiously for these two. Their dysfunction coupled with some external forces surely packed a punch with this read as you once again witnessed how tumultuous their relationship is. 

Overall I devoured this up in no time and this novella being an extension of Kona & Keira's love story, it gave me what I needed from these two and that being a great sense of finality with a well-deserved HEA for our lovely couple. On another note, LOVE the teaser excerpt for Ransom's story and now we'll have to wait patiently for his story due to be out late next year. Oh the agony!


My Beloved is a follow-up novella of Thin Love and should be read after the latter.

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