Book Review: Lost Heartbeats by Ella Maise

22 Aug 2015

Book Title: Lost Heartbeats
Author: Ella Maise
Series: Alexander & Maya #2
Release Date: August 13th, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Adult 
My name is Alexander, and I'm no fucking hero. Not when I couldn't even save the little heartbeats I was supposed to protect with my life.

When a fist closes around my heart after a death brings me to my knees, I finally go after the woman I'd been craving for months. Not just because her beautiful face is the only thing that slips through the pain when I close my eyes, but because she has secretly carved a place for herself in my heart - leaving me with no choice.

But if I do this, if I make myself believe that I deserve her, will the choices I make ruin everything between us? Will she accept the fact that she doesn't get to leave me twice?



"She would be the one to heal me. She would be the one I got to keep for myself." 

Ever come across a book that you know you just had to pick up after seeing a gorgeous cover or reading a blurb that pulls you in for an emotional ride? Well, call me guilty on all charges. After finishing the prologue novella, Lost Prelude which left me in hot mess of tears, I knew I had to pick the second one up. 

My review will be covering both Lost Prelude and Lost Heartbeats since the earlier is a prologue novella read, the latter being a full length novel. It is essential to note that the Lost Prelude MUST be read first before Lost Heartbeats.

Lost Prelude introduced us to Maya Hart who checked herself into a hotel in New York. She's dealing with the death of her father and flew into NY to honor her late father's wishes. Whilst there, she met Alexander Ross seemingly rich guy with the playboy attitude.

It was a love-hate relationship between these two at first and while I struggled initially with connecting with these characters, I slowly eased into the story once it unfolded. Alex came off as an enigma in the first one mainly due to being told from Maya's POV only, so I kinda wished we had it from his POV to know more about his actions. But that didn't stop me from enjoying the read because next thing you know, I started tearing up with Maya dealing with her grief, recalling flashbacks of her father. The final chapter definitely gutted me the most with the note Maya left for Alex before she left him. 

With Lost Heartbeats, we finally got to learn more about Alex with his POV. He left NY to search for Maya after a tragic event that hits close to home for him. Both of them seeking comfort in each other as they deal with the grief of losing someone they love. The book put me through an emotional wringer as I found myself feeling angry, sad and happy throughout. There were times I wanted to punch Alex for his decisions but I also felt sorry given the position he was in. To learn about the devastating truth and not to mention, meeting his family made me want to junkpunch so many people in this book! Gah my poor little heart hurt for Alex. 

But it was Maya that totally gutted me with another round towards the last portion of the book. It left me feeling all emotional and raw reading those scenes, the poor girl couldn't catch a break. At that point, I wanted to slap Alex so bad and just give Maya a tight hug. Luckily things sorted out soon enough and we were gifted with a beautiful epilogue.

Overall this duet series took me by surprise a lot given that I'm new to this author but I got caught into the whirlwind of this story before I knew what hit me. It's so rare when you come across a book by chance and you end up liking it but this was just one of those moments where everything came together well. It had angst, it was emotional and it all came together in one love story with two broken souls who found what they needed in each other. My only wish is that I wished we got more closure on some of the side characters. 

With Lost Prelude getting a 3.5 stars from me and Lost Heartbeats getting a 4.5 stars, I'd give this series an overall rating of 4 stars. I'm definitely looking forward to read more from this author in the future and I can't wait to see what she can bring to the table next.

Lost Heartbeats is the second and final instalment of the Alexander & Maya duet. 
This must be read AFTER the first prequel novella, Lost Prelude.


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