ARC Review: Made to Love by SM West

5 May 2017

Book Title: Made to Love
Author: SM West
Series: Standalone
Release Date: May 5th, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Burned by love once before, divorcee Olivia Cassidy isn’t looking for a recipe for “happily ever after”. The first time she thought she found forever, it turned out to be a marriage with no sizzle and no spice.

Busy starting up her own business and raising two older children, love is the last thing Olivia is looking for—but when the sexy young chef Samson Beaulieu comes into her life, he’s suddenly mixing up something new.

Now it’s up to Sam to show Olivia how delectable their future can be. He may know how to heat things up—both in the kitchen and in the bedroom—but is Sam really made to love her?

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Olivia Cassidy is a fairly freshly divorced mother of two when she takes a girl trip to Montreal for some fun time away from work and teen stresses. When she and her gal pals dine at a high-end restaurant owned by celebrity chef Samson Beaulieu, they had no idea they'd actually see this guy in the flesh- or in his culinary element. Olivia now can see why this guy gathers the female attention he does- he's perfection. And seems to have his eyes locked on hers...

Made to Love is what I call realistic romance. Life isn't always a happily ever after when people say "I do" and nobody knows this better than our heroine. Struggling to restart a career after giving it up for motherhood, plus dealing with the hurtful backlash from the divorce at the hands of her daughter, starting to date again is the last thing on her mind. But something about this chef is mesmerizing. And it's not his celebrity status. Their chemistry is palpable. Maybe just something casual is okay...

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With realistic issues, heartfelt family ties, and a romance with a lot going against it- age differences, distance, careers, family, Made to Love had me turning the pages praying for that happy ending against all odds. Taking a chance at love again can be scary but with a guy like Sam, it may just be worth it. This book has it all- but at the core of it, it has heart. For family, and for a second chance at love.

Well done.

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