Cassandra Clare Week! Book Review - City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments #2)

8 Nov 2014

4.5 STARS! ★★★★☆ 


Book 2 really picks up from the first one and if it wasn't for my real life work, I would have enjoyed reading this in one complete sitting, loved it!  

I was already sucked in from the first chapter as it starts off very eerily with the introduction of Agramon (this demon reminds me of a Boggart in HP but much more scary!). With Valentine making his intentions loud and clear to the Clave and all Downworlders alike, horrendous killings are popping up everywhere and Valentine shows no mercy in his pursuit of true power. One of the scenes I truly enjoyed was at the Seelie Court. Felt that it was such an amazing addition to the book. I loved how CC described the faeries and how they were perceived to be - it gave a very eerily feel that somehow got me hooked.
"She looked again - and froze. The faces that had seemed so lovely to her were still lovely, yet behind them lurked something vulpine, almost feral." 
The book still maintains an incredible pace which never leaves you a dull moment and there were times that it sent my heart into a complete turmoil as my emotions went into overdrive with some of these characters! I went into a panic attack when Simon became a vampire, ASKASJASLKA!!!  

A bunch of new ones got introduced; noteably the Lightwoods, Imogen and Maia. Was glad to see more of Magnus Bane becoming a recurring cast in the series (gotta love warlocks with a lot of wit!). I think Simon was just amazing in this one; I got into a total frenzy with a couple of tear-shedding moments that involved him, GAH MY FEELS! ♥ Clary & Jace's relationship is still at a push-pull stance as they battled their feelings after that motha of revelations. SEXUAL TENSION 


Tons of action and wonderful one-liners, this was a great one to build up a stronger platform for the series! The end battle scene was thrilling and you just can't anticpate who will or will not survive! I'm already in the midst of the 3rd book right now & am already loving it more with each instalment! :D

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