Cassandra Clare Week! Book Review - City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments #3)

8 Nov 2014

5 STARS! ★★★★★


 I'm finally at the halfway mark of this series, WHOOP! :D A bit slower than I imagined due to real life (blergh) but I'm enjoying it! This one has been my favorite instalment so far and deservedly gets a 5-star from me as compared to the previous two! If it's any indication, this series is getting better as I move along *happy dance*

As the title suggested, a huge portion of the book takes place in the City of Glass, also known as Idris. I just loved the setting of this one as I kept imagining of some sort of Victorian setting for Idris. And technically Idris is like the holy Vatican city for the Shadowhunters, just sayin. 

 Also, can I just take a moment and say why the hell does poor Simon finds himself falling victim to so many bad incidents?! D: GAH LEAVE THE POOR GUY ALONE! :( Funny how I feel so invested in his character now when he was my least fav in the beginning ♥♥ 

  A whole bucketload of action, action and more action in this one - I AIN'T COMPLAINING! I guessed some of the twists coming but some still took me by surprise. But overall I was super hooked to this one and I really enjoyed where the direction of the series has taken with this one Great addition to see the Downwolders and Shadowhunters binding forces, nice!.  

With the introduction of Idris brings new characters in play; so naturally one or two played a really vital role in the series. But I really enjoyed with this instalment is that people are finally knocking some sense into Clary! At first I really thought she is just too reckless for her own good, putting herself & others at risk, argh!! So yes, I LOVE how Jace and Isabelle told her off, which I felt made Clary's character so much more well-developed later on.
"You act as if you're not a part of all this, of our world; you stand on the sidelines, but you are a part of it. You're central to it. You can't just pretend to be a bit player forever, Clary, not when you're Valentine's daughter. Not when Jace is doing what he's doing partly because of you."

 This book definitely answered a good portion of the questions from the past ones and most importantly, Jace and Clary's true origins *ahem* ;) 

 Definitely the best of the 3 so far for me because it has hit the point where the characters have reached that level of maturity in what they do and the direction the series took allowed them to delve into some really serious & intense moments which really let the characters shine throughout. 

 It has everything from heartbreak, anger, sadness and lastly happiness; this one ended in a really nice place but I'll still be eager to pull through the next 3 ones! :)

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