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A little history on our book blog: Initially, Jasmine has started this book blog in August 2014 as an avenue to post her reviews on books she love reading. But after a while she started feeling a little lonely and one day decided to ask one of her best books pals, Allison to join onboard and she agreed to!

Thus, we present you now with The Reading Escapade where it'll be co-run by two of the craziest romance junkies you might ever come across. Here we post our uncensored thoughts on the books we love reading and we hope you'll enjoy reading them as much as we did ♥

Hi there! My name is Jasmine & I'm usually that girl who sits in a corner of a bookstore to read a book. I still remember the first time I picked up a Harry Potter book and fell in love with the magical world that JK Rowling have created. Till date, it's still my top favourite book series which holds a dear place in my heart ♥

With the creation of Kindle and ebooks, I have the luxury and time to read more on-the-go but occasionally, I still indulge into paperbacks for some of my favorite reads. 

As of January 2016, I've rediscovered my love of the Young Adult/Fantasy genre and most of my reviews will be on that genre.

Generally, I do read a lot of romance (Contemporary, Erotica, Dark, Mystery/Thriller, Political) & New Adult books. 

I read an average of 2-3 books a week, depending on my real-life workload. I enjoy writing reviews on most of the books I read and I try to be as honest as I can be when I write them :) Also I love making pretty graphics!

Hello hello! I'm excited to partner with one of my Goodreads besties in providing a one-stop place to review books we read, promote authors we love, and share all things books!

I'm a 44-year old mother of two (hormone crazed) teenagers and have been married for 20 years. I'm a Neonatal Home Care RN in Michigan. I started really reading about 5 years ago with mostly historical romance and my tastes have evolved tenfold.

I love Contemporary Romance, Erotica (M/F & M/M), occasional NA and dark twisted mindf*cks. I'm not into YA genre as I get that drama at home and reading is my escapism.

I'm also active on Goodreads which you can check out my page here: Goodreads page

Please refer to our Review Policy for authors who would like to send us an ARC for review.


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