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1 Feb 2015

Initially, I've started this book blog in August 2014 as an avenue to post my reviews on books I've come to love reading. But in the coming days and months, I realized that as much as I love reading, posting and sharing the love; I couldn't do it all on my own as much I'd love to. 

Coincidentally, today when I was having a lovely chat with one of my closest book pals, Allison, we each expressed our concerns on running our individual book blog alone but neither of us could manage it full-time. Thus, we've come to a decision to join forces and co-run this blog that we can happily call our new born baby! :)

So please welcome Allison on board this ship, HUZZAH! 

We present you now with The Reading Escapade where it'll be co-run by two of the craziest pervy romance junkies you might ever come across. I (Jasmine) mainly write reviews on NA, contemporary and dark reads. And together with Allison onboard now, she'll be showcasing her amazing review skills with genres like erotica and M/M and the dark twisted reads too!

Here we post our uncensored thoughts on the books we love reading and we hope you'll enjoy reading them as much as we did ♥

We have also newly set up our Facebook page HURRAY! Appreciate if you could show us your support and like our page!! We'll be hosting a giveaway REAL SOON, so you wouldn't want to miss out on that! :D

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