ARC Review: Genie by Kitty French

26 Feb 2015



Meet Genie Divine, the wise-cracking London show-girl on a hell-bent mission to save her beloved family theatre. 

 Now meet Abel Kingdom, the australian gym mogul determined to buy it out from underneath her. 

On paper they have nothing in common, and when they meet, they have even less.

 The only thing they DO have is chemistry. Undeniable, rip-my-clothes-off-and-do-me-now-against-the-wall chemistry. 

 Feathers. Lies. Glitter. Secrets. Lust. 

 He wants her theatre. She wants him dead. 

 The stage is set for an explosive summer…


4 Sexy Burlesque stars! 

 photo 6E282CBE-5973-492A-999B-69E578A9E57A_zpsbe21hbte.gif 

  Abel Kingdom hates strippers and prostitutes. With. A. Passion. A wealthy businessman from Australia, he's returned to his childhood home, London, to remove some of the negative memories of his childhood. He plans to buy The Devine Theatre and turn the hedonistic strip-fest called art into an exercise club. It may not take away his childhood scars but it'll help... 

  Genie Devine's entire life lies within The Devine Theatre. Ever since her mother dropped her off at her uncle's theatre doorstep, this has been her home, her life, her calling. Being a Burlesque dancer offers her a way to express herself onstage completely uninhibited. She's aware of the Aussie businessman lurking around but is unaware of his secret dealings with her uncle in trying to buy out the struggling club. 

   photo 21E698CA-968E-4AA8-8829-A224C545CEDC_zps9tpp6c1n.jpg 

 After a business meeting with Genie's uncle, Abel stops to watch a Burlesque show. He knows he hates the whole premise of sex on stage but a little champagne and entertainment will pass the night. Until a red-headed goddess appears onstage. Her corset strings gradually loosening...and his control crumbling.

   photo 3B554686-182E-40B3-ABE7-5365CBDE56F7_zpspexn2hgp.gif 

 When Genie and Abel meet face to face, it's a seesaw between lust and hate...a challenge. Challenge to beat the other guy. Genie knows what he's here to do and she will fight tooth and nail for her family's theatre. Abel, too, plans to fight dirty to purchase the crumbling theatre from her uncle just out of spite. The theatre is a beacon of everything dark and ugly from his childhood and he will destroy it.

   photo 9CABD14A-1C7C-46BF-B556-17CE5770C3E3_zpst8gbvmkj.jpg 

Genie was one giant push and pull. The chemistry between Genie and Abel was scorching, primal yet their extreme distaste for one another always seemed to come to a head after they succumbed to their cravings for each other. Let me say this- Abel is a giant a$$hole to Genie. I seriously would've kicked the man in the junk with some of the filth he spewed at her after using her. But they always seemed to find themselves attacking each other again...just for him to treat her like a filthy stripper-whore the minute the deed is done. 

 But holy mother of elevator scenes! 

   photo 1168723F-58C7-4BD9-8A3D-FD03C08BD153_zpsstpgauiv.jpg 

 And, scenes! Chocolate anyone? 

   photo E0D7D859-6CF9-4CE2-AE4E-6E97BDA86EF8_zpstzbeqn4v.jpg 

 So, here's what made this fall a bit flat for me. I'm all for the angsty tug of war between love/lust and hate. But Abel always treated her horribly after anything sexual. Always a nasty dig at her but that in itself didn't bother me as much because there's a predictable reason for all of his 'emotional baggage.' 

What I didn't buy was her sudden professed love for him. I mean, WHY? Yeah, the sex is hot hot hot but he otherwise treats her like garbage. He wants to buy her theatre. He thinks she's a cheap stripper (which is farthest from the truth). He's disgusted after he succumbs to his lust..spews hate and walks out the door. How can you fall in love with a person like that? I didn't buy it and I found myself thinking back to what attributes does Abel have that promote her love? I guess I just didn't see her get much...anything...from him to cause her to fall for him. 

 Regardless, I still really liked the book. I love a guy that's torn between revenge and desire...watching him gradually fall to his knees. Genie has a nice balance of plot including that angsty tug of war of emotions and a decent supply of steam. Overall, a sexy, enjoyable read. 

  ARC received by author in exchange for an HONEST review. 

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