6-Stars Reads

My Holy Grail 6-stars reads; these are my all-time favorites that I could re-read them multiple times and still be overwhelmed by the emotions they evoke from me. I'd highly recommend you to check these reads out! 

(New Adult) The Addicted Series by Krista & Becca Ritchie

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18308270 Fuel the Fire (Calloway Sisters, #3; Addicted, #3.1) 22024907
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If you had to ask me to choose one NA series that I would recommend to you in this lifetime, I'd choose the Addicted series in a heartbeat. From amazing character dynamics to undoubtedly talented writing, the Ritchie twins continue to outdo themselves with each instalment. I find myself completely immersed in this world they've built and wishing that I could spend an eternity with these characters. 

With each read, I fall in love with the characters harder than before. It encompasses more than just a love story between a couple but there's family, friends, siblings and much more. Their writing is just one-of-a-kind that makes you believe that these fictional characters are your real-life friends. You feel the pain, the love, the joy; their highest of highs and their lowest of lows. In each book, it's never just one couple that you read about but it's the entire gang and each individual relationship is so unique that when it's all pieced together, it gives birth to a magnificent universe. 

Recommended Reading Order: For further details, read HERE

(Erotica/BDSM) The Original Sinners by Tiffany Reisz

The Siren: The Original Sinners Book 1 (The Original Sinners Series) The Angel: The Original Sinners Book 2 (The Original Sinners Series)  The Prince: The Original Sinners Book 3 (The Original Sinners Series) The Mistress: The Original Sinners Book 4 (The Original Sinners Series)
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This series and all that is Tiffany Reisz; it deserves a class on its own. It deserves the highest of highs because there is just NOTHING that comes close to this. Her writing is like no other. I know when I say I adore an author's writing usually, an adjective like exquisite or brilliant or amazingly beautiful comes to my mind easily. But with TR, there is no adjective that I can think of that puts justice to what she writes. 

It's seriously beyond phenomenal and the writing astounds me on so many levels. It's filled with contradictions that leave you in such a deep and profound state. I was sent into a trance by the seduction skills of her writing. This series should have a genre on its own, it transcends normalcy and the traditionalist romance/erotica/BDSM reads. This one sets new standards and for all those reasons alone, my love for this series and its characters is insurmountable. 

Recommended Reading Order: It is advised to read ToS series prior to reading TWY series as TWY serves as a prologue series to ToS.

(Young Adult/Urban Fantasy) The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

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All I can say is that CC has made the impossible possible. Completely and utterly blown away by how she wrapped up this series so beautifully. This series has set a precedent on how a love triangle story should be done and that's with utmost respect, love and honor. I didn't even think it was possible but she nailed it perfectly. It will leave your heart equally aching and swelling with love for all three of the main characters.

Recommended Reading Order: This is a standalone series but each book in the series must be read in order. 

(Dark/Mindf*ck) The Master Series by Lily White

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Lily White will throw you into an intricate web of thoughts which made this read so brilliantly complex that definitely questioned my sanity by the end of it all. What I will however emphasize, is that you should take the author's warning VERY SERIOUSLY and know that this is NOT a love story. So if anyone is looking for fluffy unicorns and rainbows or anything close to hearts and flowers, STAY AWAY. 

This book is absolutely dark to its core, it’s dark with a capital D. The author has the ability to turn such a disturbing read into something so completely thought-provoking. The psychological elements and twists in this book astounded me to say the least. 

Recommended Reading Order: This is a standalone series and while each book can be read as a standalone, it's recommended to be read in order. 

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