Book Review - Dangerous to Know & Love by Jane Harvey-Berrick

27 Sep 2014



“Everything has changed since I met you. I thought I knew who I was, what I was, but being with you, I’ve learned about the kind of man I want to be.” 

This is my first book from Jane Harvey-Berrick and I can definitely say that I truly enjoy her writing style. With that said, I would have loved this book to be a winner for me, but sadly the heroine totally struck my nerves one too many times.


Dangerous to Know & Love revolves around Daniel and Lisanne, two young teenagers who just started college. Lisanne is a conservative, naive girl who is pursuing music as her major but is forced to take Introduction to Business class under her parent's orders. She meets the notorious, tattooed hottie, Daniel Colton on her first day of Business class and immediately took a disliking towards him due to his closed-off behaviour.

When both of them are paired up for a business project, Lisanne discovered that there is much more to Daniel Colton that she could have ever imagined and learnt about his secret that he'd been hiding from everyone.


Before I started this book, I noticed that a couple of my buddies DNF-ed this and those who didn't DNF-ed this, completely loved it and mostly gave it 5-stars. It had me wondering that maybe this book must be doing something right AND wrong, which piqued my interest more. And now that I've read this, I can clearly see what worked and didn't work in this book.

What worked:

* The story's premise.
Without spoiling the secret for anyone, I will just say that this is another unique premise that I TRULY enjoyed reading. I've only read a premise similar to this once before and superbly loved it. This one displayed the emotional struggles well and had its share of heart-breaking and beautiful moments.

* Daniel Colton.
MMHHMM he's definitely going into my list of book bfs! ♥ Hot, sexy, romantic and such a dirty talker; I'd take him any day ;) My heart goes out to him every single time people go all judgemental on him & I wanted to yell at everyone to leave him alone!


 What didn't work:

* Lisanne.
She's somewhere near the top of my list of 'heroines I would like to bitchslap/throttle/kick some sense in'. To top it off, she was a virginal heroine that came off TOO innocent and conservative that made me eye-rolled whenever she made some dumb naive comments. Also, I couldn't stand her judgemental & childish attitude; it was almost too intolerable for me that I nearly had to DNF this book.


Also this book was filled with judgemental people. ROAMING EVERYWHERE. BUT I do understand that it had to be written in this way because it somewhat contributes to the crux of the story. Still, it frustrated me for a good portion of the book. At one point, I even wanted to murder Lisanne's parents for their awful, AWFUL judgemental attitude.

"You have to walk a mile in another man's shoes before you judge him."


Thankfully by the halfway point, Lisanne didn't piss me off as much anymore & started growing on me. I was really grateful for that but sadly, I couldn't bring myself to embrace and love her character fully.

Also, Daniel & Lisanne's relationship was a great one to read. They had a turbulent relationship fueled with a lot of passion (and anger sometimes), which made this a rather angsty read and made me a happy angst whore.

Overall, I still really enjoyed this read despite the heroine issue. The story had a mixture of funny & sweet scenes, delicious sex scenes (have I mentioned that Daniel is just panty-melting hot?!), heartbreaking moments and topped with some good angst.

If you could just get past the heroine and hang on for Daniel's sake, I can assure you that this is worth the read ;)

“You think I’m broken, don’t you? You think I should be fixed? You want me to be normal. I’ll never be your version of normal, Lis. I’ll never be like you- like them.” “I’m not trying to fix you, Daniel. I just want you to be happy. I love you just the way you are.”

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