Book Review - Lying Season (Experiment in Terror, #4) by Karina Halle

12 Sep 2014



“I want you to stay with me,” he said. “And that’s the problem. Every time you leave me, I need you a little bit more.” 

My mind is still reeling from all the sadness and devastation of that brutal ending. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT MS KARINA? My heart can only take so much!


Our favorite duo is back and this time, Perry travels down to Seattle for their next EiT episode. And what better way to escalate the sexual tension than by having Perry stay in Dex's apartment along with Jennifer and Fat Rabbit.

So who's Jennifer & Fat Rabbit, you may ask?

Well, Jenn is Dex's current girlfriend & all I can say is:

And there's Fat Rabbit who is actually not a rabbit:

 ^^^^ I think it convincingly looks like a fat rabbit ♥♥ :D

Throw in a dead ex-girlfriend of Dex who keeps haunting them and plenty of running around a mental institution for their episode filming, we have got some serious messed up situation going on. 


Karina Halle never disappoints with each instalment in this series. The horror factor definitely kicks up another notch and more pieces of a bigger picture that has been hinted throughout the entire series so far are slowly coming to light. Every tiny bit of revelation keeps me on the edge and makes this read a complete page-turner.

More importantly, this book is definitely deemed as the 'game-changer' book for Perry & Dex's relationship. After surviving the island in Book 3, they start to acknowledge their feelings for each other but won't admit it out loud. The angst and sexual tension in this one was definitely off the charts!

Just like in her previous books, the balance between the horror and humor is brilliantly handled. There are good breaks between each horror scene so they don't completely overwhelmed me. The witty and slightly flirtatious banters between Perry & Dex continue to fulfil my shipper heart needs ♥♥

But then, there's THAT ending.

I'm just gonna sit in the corner now and read Book 5. PRAYING TO MS KARINA TO LET ME REGAIN MY SANITY.

But I got this awful feeling Book 5 is gonna screw me over more D:

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