ARC Book Review - Believing Lies by Rachel Everleigh

21 Sep 2014



With a debut novel, there is really no way of knowing what to expect. While I did find the storyline to be rather predictable for me, I still enjoyed this quick fun read which was filled with just a right amount of angst, humor and love.


Believing Lies starts off with Sienna who believed that her life was working out perfectly. Only months away from getting married, her perfect world is shattered when she finds out that her fiancé has been cheating on her. In an attempt to mend her broken heart, she moved in with her perky cousin, Sophie and a girls' night out at the bar has brought Sienna colliding with Adam, the sexy tattooed player.

Not eager to jump into any relationships after a betrayal, Sienna keeps her heart guarded but cannot deny the attraction she feels for Adam. A no-strings attached guy like Adam is equally attracted to Sienna but knows she isn't just another notch on his bedpost. An attempt to keep their relationship at arms' length begins with them as friends but slowly turns into much more once both defenses are torn down.


Honestly I've been avoiding NA contemporary reads like a plague these days especially when nothing sticks out with all the overly common and clichéd plots. I will admit that this one is no exception to the case as the 'friends-become-lovers' plot is something I've come across one too many times.

However, I do appreciate that the author did try to twist some things up in an overused plot to make it a much more refreshing and enjoyable read for me. I enjoyed that there was no insta-love (one of my huge pet peeves) and the development in Adam & Sienna's relationship progressed realistically especially in this scenario with Sienna just coming out from a failed engagement. I also enjoyed the little touch that the author put in with the fortune cookies ♥

"If you desire something you've never had, you will have to do something you've never done."

Another winning point for me was also how lovable the secondary characters are. Sophie and her boyfriend Connor, who is also Adam's best friend really brought on some great humor to the read and was ever-ready to give the two MC's the push they needed.

My only complaint would be that the drama/conflicts that arose came off rather predictable & clichéd for me. As y'all know I'm quite the angst-whore, so I like it when my drama llama throws me off unexpectedly. However, this is just my personal taste. Those who love them angst in small doses will enjoy this one :)


Overall, Believing Lies is a quick fun read for anyone who enjoys reading that 'friends-to-lovers' plot. Sienna and Adam's story comes with many ups and downs, filled with love and some heartbreak. Throw in some witty banters, great humor and the right amount of steam, this debut novel was a fun light one to read.

 ~ ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review ~

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