Book Review - Serial Volume 1 (Serial #1) by Lily White & Jaden Wilkes

29 Sep 2014



"I believe I love my victims. Something about each and every one of them calls to me, draws me in and makes me fall in love. I just happen to destroy the things that I love." 

After reading Her Master's Courtesan, I swore off to read almost anything that Lily White writes & when I found out that a collaboration featuring her has been released, I jumped right at it.


Serial, Volume One starts off with Jude Hollister. A wealthy CEO by day and a serial killer by night. He lives for the kill and gets off by killing women who entices him.

"I couldn’t stop now even if I wanted to. And why would I want to? I grant those I love the gift of eternal youth, beauty that will never fade or falter such as that of a withering flower. It’s my calling."

Ronnie, a waitress at Waffle House catches the attention of Jude and he's determined to capture her and make her his own. She's got troubles on her own but when Jude sweeps in to save her, little did she know that Jude has trapped her in his grasp.

There's also Agent Donovan Blake, the FBI agent on the Cascades Killer (aka Jude) case. We don't see that much of him in this instalment and so far all we know is that he's hell bent on catching Jude and may have some dark issues on his own. Oh and he's totally shagging his second-in-command lady, Agent Emily Chase (gotta love some dirty cop action *winks*).


This was a fairly quick read and felt more like an introduction to all the MC's in the book, so I guess it's fairly safe to say that the thriller factor in this one is still very minimal. The only disturbing thing was being inside Jude's sick, twisted mind as he described how much he gets off during killing.


Due to the short length of the read, I barely find myself connecting to any MCs so far & also had me questioning a lot of things. Like why is Ronnie so different from the other women Jude kills? Why did he capture her and not kill her? Why is Ronnie seemingly calm under Jude's capture? 

Overall, I really enjoyed the dark humor that the book had to offer; being inside Jude's head was fairly disturbing but wickedly amusing. But it somehow lacked the oomph factor I was looking for in a dark erotic thriller read. Like I said, this book probably served as an intro and hopefully the later books are much more compelling to read.

I still have high hopes for this series as it sounds promising so far & with that abrupt cliffhanger at the end, I'm very eager to read the next one ;)

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