Book Review - Monster in his Eyes (Monster in his Eyes #1) by J. M. Darhower

2 Oct 2014

3.5 I LOVE NAZ STARS! ★★★☆ 


"And when his eyes cut my way, and I see the darkness on the surface, I'm reminded that this man hangs out with monsters. And one might even exist inside of him."

I was left pretty disappointed with how I imagined this book would be like. I don't know if it was just that my dark reads standards have been raised or this book just underwhelmed me after seeing some great reviews on this one. I found myself really baffled about Karissa & Naz's relationship to a point that I don't buy it at all.


Monster in His Eyes revolves around Karissa, the 18-year old girl who apparently only attends philosophy class and seems to be struggling with that subject since her professor is giving her a damn hard time with her papers. Also, she has a tendency to lose her phone often which allowed her that one fateful (or not so fateful) encounter with our anti-hero, Ignazio Vitale aka Naz who is this sexy, confident 37-year old man in a black suit.

From one encounter to another, they started spending more time together but in all of those times, Karissa never really found out what Naz's work really is. And when she does, her world is about to be turned upside down.


Prior to diving into this one, yes I've been warned about Miss Little Naive and Gullible Karissa. So yeah, can't say I'm shocked about how a 18-year old girl decided to run off along with a 37-year old man whom she hardly knew, let alone possibly do torturous things to her. And then you know, let this man banged her without a damn condom at first go. At this point, I was just shaking my head in disbelief but I pulled through no doubt.

But here's the funny thing. It wasn't so much of Karissa that didn't make this book worked for me. It was actually more of the heavy insta-love thing going on. I know I said this was a minor pet peeve for me, but this one was just WAY too unbelievable for me to fathom. And what sucks more was the fact that I absolutely DO NOT understand what Naz sees in Karissa that made him LOVE her.

Absolutely zero chemistry and I felt so disconnected from both MCs. I'm not surprised because all they pretty much do is go out for fancy dinners, occasionally watch movies and then mostly sex and BAM! Suddenly these two are professing their love for each other and then that's me for most of the read:

I'm sorry, I really am. But I simply cannot buy their "love story". It pretty much made no sense to me at all and this makes me really sad that I felt so emotionless reading this story; no flutters, nothing. I wanted to love their LOVE but there ain't any :(

“He set out to destroy me, but he fell in love with me instead. I fell in love with him, and that's what destroyed me in the end.”

The saving grace for the book for me is definitely Naz's character. THANK GOD. He was like an enigma and with his calm & cool demeanour, I was rather compelled by him. He will probably be the sole reason I will pick up Book 2 and being told from his POV will definitely be something to look forward too :)


Overall, I still enjoyed the book for the most part. The first half felt a little dragged and mundane but when things started picking up in the second half, I couldn't put down the book. And I'll admit that the twist at the end came as a little shock to me and will get me going to read Book 2 ;)

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