Book Review - Mr. Beautiful (Up in the Air #4) by R.K. Lilley

17 Oct 2014



"I, James Cavendish, unrepentant dominant, sexual deviant, and prolific slut for more years than I cared to count, was in love." 

When I heard that RK Lilley was putting up a novella featuring all my favourite men from her series, I quickly jumped at the chance of this one as soon as it was out! I'll be frank that I usually don't have high expectations when it comes to these kinds of novellas because they always seem to be a rehash of the original series.

So how do I explain this book to you? I'll just let Forrest Gump break it down for you.

Jumping into this one, I didn't know what to expect. Will this be James's retelling of the trilogy? Or will it be the events after the trilogy? And where does all the other men's POV come into place in this book? 

Well this book was definitely a whole bucketload of surprises.

Unfortunately, this is also where I found the read to be rather off-putting.

If you're hoping for a solid story that takes place after the events of the original trilogy, you're not likely to get one here. This novella was running different stories simultaneously and to put it mildly, all over the place. It alternated between past/present POVs and also concurrently alternating between James and Stephan for a good majority of the book. 

And turns out, the actual story for James (aka Mr Beautiful) ended at 66%. Ah geez, why you'd do that Ms Lilley?! D: 

The remaining 34% were pretty much bonus POVs/teaser chaps from Tristan/Frankie/Akira/Lourdes and some retelling of the original trilogy in James's POV. And I didn't like that these random chapters/teasers stuck out like a sore thumb since there was no proper flow between each one. 

However I did very much enjoyed that we got to see Stephan's story which was the only thing that took me by surprise in this book. And yes, those M/M scenes; well nothing too overly explicit I think but good enough to convince me to join the other side...


Overall, a little disappointed with the read considering I paid $6.99 for it and found out the story I was looking most forward to actually ended at 66% (I'm starting to think I'm getting ripped off a lot lately). But for what it's worth, Lilley still brought out some smokin hot smutfest and James Cavendish will be the reason that I'm gonna need PLENTY OF ICE for my ovaries.

So yeah, I paid $6.99 so that my ovaries can have a good time and get a taste of M/M. Don't judge me okay?!

Please note that Mr. Beautiful should only be read after reading the original trilogy: Up in the Air series.

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