Book Review - FaCade (Deception #1) by Ker Dukey & D. H. Sidebottom

3 Oct 2014

4.5 FACADE STARS! ★★★★☆ 


"You gave me your soul a long time ago, Star. You'll learn who you belong to again. You'll learn that this isn't a prison, it's your freedom." 

WOW HOLY COW WHAT JUST HAPPENED. My brain is absolutely exhausted after putting this one down! I definitely loved how I've been proven wrong again and again and AGAIN after every twist the book threw at me. I THOUGHT I HAD IT ALL FIGURED OUT. BUT NO.


facade (fa·cade)
~ a front or outer appearance, esp a deceptive one

The above definition describes exactly what this book is. Even the title itself is a facade (I kid you not). Honestly guys, you have no idea how much I want to spoil this book for y'all so I can get someone to talk to me about it because my mind is just everywhere at this point of time.

All I'm telling you is that FaCade starts off with the heroine MC, Star who has been drugged, kidnapped and has no recollection of her past memories. Her captor goes by the name of Dante and he's just devilishly sexy and wait for absolute crude, dirty talker. ;)

And that's all you guys get from me on the synopsis :D SORRY NO SPOILERS.


This book is like a constant tumbling down into a rabbit hole and you just keep falling deeper to a point that you don't know what to believe anymore. I went into this read with a very cautious state of mind, my spidey senses on high alert and picking up on any signs that would send my brain into a hypothesis frenzy. At first it seemed like I was succeeding and I thought "hmm this seemed a little too easy" but then later of course, I found out that the truth isn't exactly the truth.

And the REAL kicker of mindfuckery will be when you come to a point that you can't even tell a lie from the truth anymore OR what's real OR which one is a facade.

Slowly I felt my sanity slipping away and I was literally tugging my hair throughout the 2nd half of the book as I keep flipping the pages to search the answers I'm looking for and I wanted to yell and demand the real TRUTH. Was it frustrating? Yes. Did I get my answers? Not really.

When the REAL truth (or at least I think it is HOMG) finally came out, I went all WTF and started seeing the bigger picture. And then our 2 evil authors decided to throw in some little goody twist in the last page and I just went BALLISTIC! DID NOT SEE THAT COMING.

And now I rock back and forth wondering when the next instalment is out.


Overall this was just the type of mindfuck read I needed. It challenged my mind, brought it to the edge and completely pushed it over. My brain cells are wiped out. It made me feel like asking myself if 1+1=2 anymore?!

The only reason that I decked out 0.5 stars was because I was a bit put off by the usage of exclamation marks in several dialogues. I didn't think it was necessary for some parts, I'd like to think that Dante could have been commanding without having to use ! to make his point across, you know what I mean? Kinda kills the character for me a little but still, LOVE his bad and dirty ways ;)

Would recommend this read to anyone who enjoys mindfuckery like me, but be warned that some scenes can get pretty violent. The dark factor wasn't very heavy IMO; I would say this was more of a mindfuck read than a dark one for sure. And also expect some ovaries exploding scenes, they were SMOKIN H-O-T.

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