Book Review - Killing Sarai (In the Company of Killers #1) by J.A. Redmerski

9 Oct 2014


"I am not your hero. I am not the other half of your soul who could never let anything bad ever happen to you. Trust your instincts first always, and me, if you choose, last." 

This book had all the elements that I LOVED in a romance suspense/thriller book that it was an absolute no-brainer that this would be a winner for me.

 Assassins <- BAMF in suits with guns and multilingual (A lot of bonus points here!!)
Michael Fassbender Victor 
 BAMF heroine
 Dual POV (HECK YEA!) 
 Nail-biting suspense & heart-pounding action that induced severe heart palpitations 
 Hot steamy scenes

 Put all of them together and..




Killing Sarai is about our heroine, Sarai who has been a captive under a Mexican drug lord for 9 years. She finally made her escape one night when Mr American, Victor showed up at the Mexican compound and Sarai saw that as her golden ticket out. But is Mr American actually a kind, loving man who's gonna save this poor innocent girl from the clutches of the drug lord?

Trained to be a cold, detached assassin since the age of thirteen, Victor is the Number One in the Order and has never failed a mission. But with Sarai, he's breaking all the rules he's ever known and finds himself with a conscience to protect her.

When the odds start to stack against them and loyalties are questioned, both Sarai and Victor battle to learn on who can be trusted ultimately.


HOLY FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC THIS READ. This book was as awesome as watching a movie in my head! Of course, Fassbander is the PERFECT cast in my mind as Victor (eventhough he was initially referred as Mr American, Victor is of German heritage which makes Fassbender the perfect choice) and boy did my mind enjoy it A LOT! It pretty much amplified my experience and love for this read, so THANK YOU Michael Fassbender for graciously walking on our planet! ♥♥

As y'all know, I love me a BAMF heroine who's ready to take shit and give it back twice as much. Sarai was a fighter, that's for sure. I loved her resilience but I also loved that she was broken. A strong heroine doesn't mean that she has less fears, but to me, a strong one is one that is willing to acknowledge her fears and face them.

"The things I've admitted are things that have haunted me for the longest time. They've been buried in my soul, burning through to the very core of me, rendering me emotionless and turning me into someone entirely different than I was supposed to be."

Also when the romance falls in the backburner for me in a suspense/thriller read, I definitely know that the book will work for me. Yes I'm a romance junkie, but I'm a dark/suspense/thriller junkie first ;) And with this one, the suspense gripped me and brought me on a fast-paced thrilling ride because it was completely un-putdownable.

"The first kill is always the hardest, the one you never forget. But the first kill is also what drops the chances of living a normal life by half."


I was in the minority who didn't fully enjoyed Redmerski's other work, The Edge of Never, but with Killing Sarai, THIS is a whole different ballgame and it was a BEAST!

JA Redmerski still brought out her exceptional writing with this one and added on with a tinge of romance plus loads of suspense & thrill with badass characters, this book is making its way to the top of my dark thriller reads shelf!

I can't wait to get my grabby hands on the rest of the series and I suggest you all do the same if you have been living under the rock like me haven't pick this series up yet!

A shoutout of thanks to the ever-awesome Feifei for recc'ing this one to me because otherwise I'd be missing out on an amazeball series! ♥ And also thanks to all my other ladies who got me excited for this read when I started picking it up, you ladies are AH-MAZING! Mwahs! ♥♥

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