Latest Release & ARC Review - Serial: Volume 2 by Lily White & Jaden Wilkes

29 Oct 2014



Follow along as Jude teaches Ronnie her new place in his life while battling the rising need to kill...while Ronnie adapts to Jude's mysterious ways and increasing demands...and as Donovan hunts Jude and fights his own dark urges. 

This is the second instalment in the exciting erotic thriller, Serial...a serial about a serial killer and the one he loves and the one who wants to destroy him.

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"I couldn't stop. I wouldn't stop. I didn't want to stop. I wanted to destroy her and rebuild her from the inside out, tear her apart and lick her wounds with anxious care."

That moment when you reached the end of a chapter and your finger keeps swiping to the next only find that it's the end of the book D:




Although Serial, Volume 2 starts off by introducing us to a new (major?) character's POV, this instalment picks up not long off after the abrupt ending in the first volume. So don't worry Jude lovers, you'll still get your fix of Jude's twisted thoughts and his ever-loving need to kill.


I'm going to keep this review to a minimal and not over-indulge into any spoilery plot details because y'know, that's the best part of these kind of reads. I REFUSE TO SPOIL ANYONE!

I'm glad to report that this one has rather stepped up a notch from the previous one as we're finally getting a better insight with these characters. The answers to some of my queries from the past volume has come to light BUT more burning questions are surfacing instead. Subtle breadcrumbs are dropped by our maniacal authors throughout the book which initially I failed to notice and by the time we approach a finally hit me that I've failed to notice the little details earlier on.


Also I'm starting to have a major liking towards Agent Donovan Blake. He's definitely stepped up a huge notch in trying to take down Jude and I love where the authors are trying to go with his character right now. Agent Blake is sure as hell as disturbing as Jude himself, so naturally I'm loving this man too. So very keen to see what's next for him!
"In truth, there wasn't much different between the killers I hunted and myself. Every crime on their part was a play for the feeling of power."

The only person that still leaves me baffled is Ronnie. I still have zero idea where the authors are going with her character and now there's a slight shift in this Ronnie/Jude dynamic. Again, something that I'm very curious to see how it's all gonna play out eventually hmmm.


Overall, Volume 2 certainly provided me what I needed from the first book but still leaves me begging for more. I mean, that cliffhanger there is NOT A JOKE! Also I devoured this book in 2 hours straight and it left me conflicted for I now love both Jude and Agent Blake. Siding the good guy or the bad guy? Who knows ;) Well I'll be on my way now to harass those ladies to conjure up the next volume ASAP.

 Serial, Volume 2 is part of a series collaboration by Lily White & Jaden Wilkes and SHOULD NOT be read as a standalone.

**ARC provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.**

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