Book Review - Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror, #3) by Karina Halle

16 Aug 2014



“This is the Island of Death. This is purgatory. This place has a dark soul of its own. And it will drown you in its depths.” 

 If I have to summarise my review for this book into one sentence, it would be this: 

 It just keeps getting better and better.  

Firstly I was like this: 

And then mostly I was like this:


Also those Perry & Dex moments we had in this book:


“I don’t know what’s real. How can I tell what’s real anymore? What’s real, Dex? Tell me what’s real.” He put his hand on my face and looked at me with the most magnetic, impassioned spark in his dark eyes. “I’m real. This is real.”

Wandering lepers and killer raccoons be damned! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE RIGHT NOW. LET ME LOVE YOU KARINA HALLE ♥♥♥

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