Book Review - Reasonable Doubt (Volume 3) by Whitney G.

27 Aug 2014



"Do you believe in reasonable doubt, Mr Hamilton?” 

Reasonable Doubt 3 is the final instalment to Andrew & Aubrey’s story in the RD series and I couldn’t wait to jump into this one after waiting out on this final book! Admittedly I was a little worried that this one would be a rushed story as RD2 ended out with a major cliffie and left us with so many unanswered questions.

But thank heavens Whitney G still managed to pace the story well enough without coming off being too anti-climatic. It was such a page-turner that I had a huge internal struggle with myself to put down the book & get some sleep! All those burning questions we had about Andrew’s past have finally been revealed in this one & my God, it was heartbreaking.

There were many things I loved about this instalment; on the top of my list would be the character development of Andrew & Aubrey. From the previous ones, we already know that Andrew is a cocky, stubborn, dirty-talking lawyer who refuses to bend over backwards for anyone, including Aubrey. But once his past slowly unfolds in each chapter, you can’t help but sympathize with him & understand where he was coming from and what made him such a bitter man.

Even after seeing a softer side of Andrew, Whitney G did a great job in maintaining his dirty-talking ways and cockiness that we all loved in Andrew in the first place. It didn’t remove the zing! factor I had with Andrew since the beginning, so I truly appreciated that ;)

I was also glad that Aubrey has grown so much since RD2 in this one! I wasn’t fully convinced by her character in RD2 but finally, she has stepped up in RD3 and took charge of what she deserves in a relationship. She wasn’t going to allow Andrew to dictate their relationship & totally grabbed him by the balls in this one! I loved the burning passion she had with her ballet career & how she stood up to her ignorant parents.  

And the way she gave Andrew a hard time in winning her back, it was oh-so-enjoyable! You go, woman!
"You would have to beg me to take you back, Andrew. Fucking beg me."

Overall, it was a great conclusion to the entire series; definitely a sexy and entertaining read. The email exchanges between these two also brought out the sexy humor of this book which I truly enjoyed.

However, I didn’t give it a complete 5 stars because I would have love to see more on Aubrey & Andrew’s time together. I wouldn’t say that the ending was rushed, but I would have loved to see them more as a couple ;)

With the end of this series, I’ll definitely miss Andrew a lot but I’ll be looking forward to read more from Ms Whitney G .

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