Book Review - More Than This (More #1) by Jay McLean

17 Aug 2014



"I want to shut out the world around us and have it just be me and her, the way we are behind closed doors. Where no one else can dictate who we are and what we feel." 

Amazingly how I randomly picked this one up from my TBR list and I'm truly surprised by the all kinds of awesomeness that this book is! It had the sweetness, the emotional angst, the humor and most of all that sexual tension between Kayla and Jake!!

More Than This is a story of how one night changed the life of Mikayla where she had everything she loved & dreamed of. A happy family, her perfect boyfriend of 4 years and her hot bestfriend. Out for prom night and coupled with a twist of events, she met Jake and later her entire life did a total 180. 

A story of how a tragedy alongside heartbreak which led to some beautiful heart-warming moments, my heart melted and there were moments that gave me the sniffles ♥ I definitely love how this story was told from a dual POV and gave a better insight of the feelings both Jake & Kayla battle with each other. A chance encounter between these two turned into something so much more and there was just so much sexual buildup between these two that when it finally happened, it was pretty damn magical (if you read the book, you'll know why I use the term magical, LOL ;D) 


And also let's talk about Jake Andrews, that guy is quite the perfection and he's the accent boy *swoons!* In Kayla's words: 

"Jake Andrews is definitely swoon worthy. I should write a book about him."
"HOLE.EE.SHIT. I feel sorry for all the girls in the world that never get to experience a Jake Andrews at least once in their lifetime."


And in between all that, there was that crazy bunch of Jake & Kayla's friends that I SUPERBLY LOVE! Well namely Logan & Lucy ;D I wanna be best friends with Lucy! 

“I swear to god, Micky. I’ll cut a bitch for you, just let me go, Cam. Let me go!”


Overall I really enjoyed devouring this book! ♥♥ It was a nice package of everything that made me swoon, shed some tears and left me laughing! 

But then there's that WTF revelation at the end right there. THAT last sentence..SAY WHUT?! 



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