Book Review - Past Tense Future Perfect by Andrea Smith

28 Aug 2014

3.5 - 4 SINCLAIR STARS! ★★★★


"Sometimes the most precious things in life are the result of just letting it happen" 

Wow that was a long ride! 

First things off, Past Tense Future Perfect is an omnibus of Andrea Smith’s previously published Maybe Baby series (3 books), so some of you may already remembered Trey Sinclair & Tylar Preston from back then. 

Trey & Ty’s love story stretches across the entire series and brings you on an emotional journey. There’s everything from angst to steamy to suspense and *wait for it* DRAAHHMAAA. So if you love your romance stories with all of the above, then this is a series you should try out.

I admit that it started out slow for me and I couldn’t really connect to both MCs. At times, I even zoned out from some filler scenes & skimmed through because they were way too detailed and didn't do much to pique my interest. But once the suspense element was thrown in, I was back on track and it became a page-turner for me!


However, there were some twists that felt a little too rushed for me & would have preferred if it would have been done in Book 2 instead. That being said, Book 1 was my least favorite of the series but since it ended off on a cliffie that had a great potential going into Book 2, I decided to take a chance.   

Book 2 was my favorite one in the series having much more maturity shown between Trey and Ty since the events of Book 1. There was also more depth in the plot as we delve more into Trey’s family and Ty’s past. I can appreciate Ty & Trey’s relationship better in this book as they worked towards being a better couple even with all the drama and angst going on. Added in with some humor and sexy fun time, this book definitely covered all the aspects I loved in a romance book ♥ 


Well I liked Book 3, but didn’t love it as much as Book 2. This book went in with a more heavy tone. Also, there was cheating which I tend to naturally dislike. But I will commend Andrea for handling it in a realistic manner & not completely rush it. There were some heart-melting moments that made me aww-ed for sure :) Also I enjoyed seeing more of the side characters’ life (loved Gina & Tristan!) & overall, it was a great conclusion to an emotional journey for everyone.  

The series as an overall was definitely an emotional one with all the suspense, drama and angst thrown in but it was well-balanced without it being OTT for me. If anything, it has definitely highlighted the strength of Trey & Ty’s relationship after facing all those trials and tribulations. Added in with some great humor from side characters like Gina and Tristan and a dose of steamy scenes from T&T, it was an overall enjoyable read for me :)  

~ BR with all my lovely ladies & Andrea herself! Also a HUGE thanks to Andrea Smith for generously providing me a copy ♥~

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