Book Review - Take The Heat (An Anthology)

27 Aug 2014

3.5 - 4 DARK STARS! ★★★★

I always love discovering anthologies to read because I don't have to get invested in a long plot and get to experience a variety of different premises in each short story. Oh and so many new authors to check out! :D

Take the Heat definitely brought out some interesting reads; all having a dark element in it. What's great about this anthology is that it ranges across multiple genres & allows me to figure out what type of genre works for me. It could be from BDSM to thriller/mystery and holy shizzles, there was also M/M (which I don't do) but it was a new kind of experience for me haha!

I definitely enjoyed a good half of the stories here as some brought unexpected twists and captivated me throughout. At times, I wished there was much more to it! There were also times that I had to go WTF and I went all O__O on it, LOL!

Here's my ratings for all the stories:
The Magnolia Hotel by Skye Warren - 3.5 ★
Unlawful Seduction by Pam Goodwin - 4 ★
Slipknot by Sheri Savill - 3.5 ★
Captivated by Cynthia Rayne - 4 ★
This Might Hurt a Bit by Shoshanna Evers - 3.5 ★
The Bombshell by Candy Quinn - 3.5 ★
Playing with Fire by Tamsin Flowers - 4.5 ★ (Definitely my most fav one & I wished I had more!) Disposing of Donnie by Elizabeth Coldwell - 3 ★
Surprise Witness by Audrey Lusk - 3.5 ★
Last Day by Trent Evans - 4 ★
Acquitted by Giselle Renarde - 3.5 ★

Overall, a great anthology to check out if you're looking for a mixture of some dark reads! 

~ ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review ~

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