Book Review - Twisted (Blood & Roses #5) by Callie Hart

22 Aug 2014



"You've woken me up. You've made me stronger. You've made me feel something I thought I'd never feel."  
Holy amazeballs! If I was right on one thing about this series, it would be that it just keeps getting better and better. And everything else that I thought I knew about in this story? Gone out of the damn window! I am constantly being surprised as I flip through the pages that have got me yelling all kinds of profanities as I read. Callie Hart is surely doing a damn fine job in throwing twists in this one and seriously, shit just got so damn real! 


From the first chapter itself, it went from making me feel heart-ache to being highly aroused. I KID YOU NOT. And HOLY JEEZUS, that was some motha panty-soaking wet scene. It’s not even the 
super kinky Zeth-type of sex but damn, that was damn erotic to read! 


I’m not gonna divulge into the plot of this book in my review because that would give away the best parts of the book. So I’m just gonna say that this book is nothing short of shocking revelations, answers to some of the questions are coming to light, MORE new questions are building up and just everything I thought I knew... 


And the best part of this series is that I have absolutely NO FRIGGIN CLUE how this will all end, which I completely LOVE because it drives me really crazy trying to figure out! We’re one book away from the completion of series and there’s still so much shit piling up for both of our MCs. 

Another thing I loved is the continuous character development of Sloane & Zeth. Admittedly, the first 3 books have been slacking in that area but Book 4 onwards, I just fell in love more and more with both of them. I felt more connected to Zeth as we see a different side of him that we thought he was almost incapable of. And I truly admire Sloane as she has grown so much since Deviant. There is no going back from everything she's been through & she's no longer afraid of what she wants anymore. 

Emotions are running higher in this one, Sloane & Zeth have reached the ultimate point of their dynamic relationship. It's going to be explosive and they’re about to be unstoppable.


Overall, Twisted is yet another brilliantly-paced book with an adequate amount of thrill, angst and steam that never gives you a dull moment as you read! Callie knows how to keep you on the edge with each book & I’m not sure if I’m ready to say goodbye to Sloane & Zeth when the next (and final) book comes around!  

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