Book Review - Red Fox (Experiment in Terror, #2) by Karina Halle

15 Aug 2014



"The truth is in the fire."
In the second installment in the EiT series, our favorite ghost-hunters are back for another round of heart-stopping, thrilling adventure. This time Perry & Dex made their way down to New Mexico!


The duo travels to the small city in a desert called Red Fox where strange occurrences have befallen on a Navajo couple, Will & Sarah. We're talking crazy animals with spooky eyes appearing & disappearing in their house & even raining stones!! (I know it sounds totally bizarre but heck it's paranormal). And it seems to get worse when Perry & Dex arrives. 

What dark forces are looming ahead for our favorite duo?  

Love the plot in this one as it starts out slow and as it progresses, it picks up with a nice punch that left me turning my pages so fast & my heart pounding! I could easily see myself tuning in to an episode of Supernatural at this rate. Interesting side characters are introduced like Max from Dex's past & Bird was a nice read too. 

Enjoyed the connection between Perry & Dex in this one as the sexual tension is seriously starting to build up & what better way to show that by having them faking as a married couple. Gotta love that touch you put in there, Ms Halle! ;) And I totally swooned when Dex goes all protective mode on Perry & saving her, my shipper heart is excited! :D 

Honestly, I'm surprised that I'm enjoying the slow build-up romance between these two and I think it'll seriously make the entire journey much more worthwhile when we get some real action :) 

“Dex,” I whispered. “Mmmm?” he grunted. “I hope you never stop feeling alive.” I could have sworn his heart skipped a few beats. He tensed. Then relaxed. “As long as you’re around,” he said softly, “I’ll be alive.”

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